Young Democrats Call Upon Minnesota Members of Congress to Fight Back Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

Media Contacts
Conrad Zbikowski, President of Minnesota Young DFL
(612) 385-1517 |
Jacob Multer, Chair of College Democrats of Minnesota
(612) 298-5229 |

As he promised in the third person over a year ago, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Friday banning Muslims from seven countries that Trump conveniently has no business interests in (NYT)As Rudy Giuliani made clear on Fox News (WaPo), the Muslim Ban was written to be a Muslim Ban. The Muslim Ban was written by two white-supremacist, Trump inner-circle advisors named Steve, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon (CNN).

On Monday morning, Conrad Zbikowski, President of the Minnesota Young DFL, and Jacob Multer, Chair of the College Democrats of Minnesota issued the following joint statement:

“President Trump’s Muslim Ban is unconstitutional and unAmerican. The Establishment Clause of the Constitution forbids it and our religious and ethnic diversity is at the root of what makes America great.

“To our Minnesota Congressional Delegation, especially those of the same party as President Trump: the judgement you should fear is not the judgement of voters, it is the judgment of history. Your children, grandchildren, and generations yet unborn will look back at this time as we look back at other critical turning points in our history. The votes you cast and the statements you make will be recorded to the archives of your legacy. You have a choice: stand up for the American values passed down to you, or stay silent as white supremacists burn down our representative democracy and sweep it to the ash heap of history.

“Find your spines. You have power as lawmakers equal to the President. Use it.

“We thank Members of the Delegation already fighting back, and call upon those currently silent to speak out and take action.”


Conrad Zbikowski - President, Minnesota Young DFL
Jacob D. Multer - Chair, College Democrats of Minnesota